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Solar System Facts | Solar Radiation

A key consideration in the overall performance of any solar system is how this solar system can use the received solar energy most effectively. For the solar system to perform at its best, you need to install it in a good manner to access to as much energy as possible. Because sunlight is the “fuel” for any solar system, you want to make sure your solar system have full access to as much of the solar resource. You must understand the relationship between the sun and earth allows you to properly site the solar system.

This article introduces the different forms of solar radiation and how they affect the production of a PV or thermal solar system. also the keys to understanding how the sun’s path affects your location was presented.

Solar Radiation

solar system facts_solar radiation types
Solar Radiation Types

Solar radiation is the energy sent to the earth from the sun. and it can be measured by Watt (W) or Kilo Watt (KW). There are four types of solar radiation. direct radiation, diffuse radiation, and reflected (albedo) radiation.

Direct Solar Radiation

The direct solar radiation is solar radiation traveling on a straight line from the sun down to the surface of the earth. And It makes the greatest contribution to the solar system and has the biggest effect on the solar system ability to convert sunlight into electrical energy. And presents the biggest portion of the global solar radiation. sometimes called "Solar Beam Radiation" or "Direct Solar Beam Radiation".

Diffuse Solar Radiation

The diffuse solar radiation is solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface after having been scattered from the direct solar beam by clouds, water vapor, dust, and other small airborne particles. And presents a small portion of the global solar radiation.

Reflected Solar Radiation (Albedo)

The reflected solar radiation or albedo is the amount of energy reflected by a surface determined by the reflectivity of that surface, and called albedo. It’s a light that’s reflected from physical surroundings, such as a roof or the ground, and put back into the atmosphere as diffuse radiation. Albedo is a kind of diffuse solar radiation.

Global Solar Radiation

The total global solar radiation received at a given site is the sum of the direct, diffuse,and albedo components.

Solar Irradiance

Actually we design a solar system, we don’t use the term of solar radiation. But we use another term called solar Irradiance. Solar Irradiance is the solar radiation received in one meter square or we can called it as the solar radiation intensity. And its standard unit is Watt per meter square (kW/m2) or kilowatts per square meter (kW/m2).

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