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What are Solar Lights?

 What are Solar Lights

Solar lights use solar cells which produce electricity from sunlight. Solar Lights are Solar Powered Lights which are usually consist of LED Lamps, Batteries, Control Circuits and Solar Cells.

How are Solar Lights Work?

How are Solar Lights Work

During daylight, when the light detected by the control circuit, solar Light charging the battery from generated power from the solar cell. And when the control circuit detects no light during night, it switches on the LED lamp and runs it on energy sorted on battery.

Why Solar Lights use LED Lamps?

LED Lamps, in particular, can last for 50,000-200,000 hours and a lifespan of more than 20 years. Maintenance is practically free since. And LED Lamps are more efficient than another light sources, As LED Lamps spend less power than others for the same illumination levels.

Solar Lights Types.

Solar Lights have many types in particular, depend on the way of using the lights. Lets see these types below: -

1- Decorative Type Solar Lights

Decorative Solar Light
Decorative Solar Light
This Solar Light Type is used for decorative purposes. it tends to glow rather than be very bright, which is why they are great to add interest to your space, but probably won’t provide you with a ton of light.

2- Path Type Solar Lights

Path Solar Light
Path Solar Light
This Type is very small, and you will want a large number of it so that you can line it up along the path to your home. This type of solar lights generally comes on stakes, with hanging hooks, or with flange mounts, which makes it easy to position them where you want. This direct its light down towards the ground, which makes it easy to see where you are going to be walking.

3- Step Type Solar Lights

Step Solar Light
Step Solar Light
 This Type is used for stairs illuminations to make it easy to see where you are walking.

4- Wall Mounted Type Solar Lights

Wall-Mounted Solar Lights
Wall-Mounted Solar Lights
This Type is a very popular type of solar lights. This type can generally be installed on outside walls of your building. It is used usually to improve the appearance of your building and draw attention to its architecture.

5- Flood Type Solar Lights

Flood Solar Light
Flood Solar Light
 This Type is used to illuminate large outside spaces. This type permanently installed, unlike other types of solar lights that can be moved and adjusted, and they are used to help improve the safety of a location after dark or accentuate the architecture of a building.

6- Lamp-Post Type Solar Lights

Lamp-Post Solar Light
Lamp-Post Solar Light
 Lamppost solar lights are incredibly popular, as homeowners realize that they are a great way to enjoy the look of a traditional lamp post in their yard without having to worry about running electricity to it. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, and as long as you install it securely and correctly to your post, you don’t have to worry about the solar light being damaged.

7- String Type Solar Lights

String Solar Light
String Solar Light
 Solar string lights have always been popular in the backyard and are a fun way to illuminate an area and add a touch of whimsy to space. While they do not provide enough strong light to be used as the primary light source when you are outside, they are a great option for creating a nice ambiance.

8- Pond Type Solar Lights

Pond Solar Light
Pond Solar Light
 Solar pond light is used to illuminate your pond at your home. It usually comes with water proof capability in order to be submersible in pond water. 

9- Bollard Type Solar Lights

Bollard Solar Light
Bollard Solar Light
 Solar Bollard light is used to illuminate pathways, walkways, or steps. And it comes with various styles.

10- Spot Type Solar Lights

Spot Solar Light
Spot Solar Light
 Solar spot light is incredibly bright and it is used to focus on a certain area in your garden or building. It can be mounted in the walls or ground and you can be able to angle its light easily. 

How to choose solar lights?

Step 1.

Decide what type you need for your purpose.

Step 2.

Find the suitable Solar Light which have long life span battery such as Li-ion battery. And the battery must be high in capacity enough to switch on the light in the night even with raining and cloudy days. Usually solar lights can be work over 2 or 3 nights in cloudy days.

Step 3.

Consider the water proof capability for solar light. Usually solar lights come with at least IP 65. This means that solar light can be run safely under rain or water fall.

Step 4.

Check the type of light lamp which the solar light uses. LED lights offer the brightest and most efficient. And check its life span it must be around 25,000 hours at least. And also check its efficacy, it must be at least 100 Lumen / Watt.

Step 5.

Compare extra items like timers or an on-off switch to the cost. Colored lenses change the look of the solar lights without compromising the brightness.

Step 6.

Find the suitable solar light with good warranty period.

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