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Solar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that does not occur frequently, but it is really interesting to see it especially when you are in the right place and time.

In this Solar eclipse article we will see what happens during this phenomenon and how you can safely follow it.

This Solar flares article was introduced to help you to understand all about solar flares and the related solar events.

Solar_System Facts_Solar_flares
Solar System Facts | Solar Flares

solar system facts_solar radiation
Solar System Facts | Solar Radiation

A key consideration in the overall performance of any solar system is how this solar system can use the received solar energy most effectively. For the solar system to perform at its best, you need to install it in a good manner to access to as much energy as possible. Because sunlight is the “fuel” for any solar system, you want to make sure your solar system have full access to as much of the solar resource. You must understand the relationship between the sun and earth allows you to properly site the solar system.

solar system facts_history of solar energy
Solar System Facts | History of Solar Energy

In this article of solar system facts we will show the history of solar energy, concerning in solar energy starting ideas and the ways of using solar energy.

Introduction to Solar Energy 

Solar Energy is the oldest energy type used in the world as humankind. From 200 years ago, we started using Solar energy to produce electrical energy for our applications. But in fact, it used in the past in a different ways.

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